As soon as I could pick up a broken crayon I discovered a passion for creating artwork. This stayed with me and motivated me throughout my school years and led me to complete an illustration degree at University College Falmouth. 
Shortly after I began my journey as a freelance illustrator. Along with my fiancé, a menagerie of different animals and a very naughty puppy that has developed a taste for nibbling my best pencils!
I am driven by a passion to transport young readers into exciting rich imaginative worlds, rich with character and emotion that they can really identify with as well as entertained by.
I have had so many fantastic opportunities, from beginning my career creating twisted fairy tales for QED Publishing, illustrating adventure book covers for O’Brien Publishing and recently working with Dynamo Illustration House to illustrate for Harry Potter, Dreamworks and Endemol.
I really hope you enjoy looking through my work, past and present. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Clients Include:
Via Dynamo Ltd, I have created artwork for:
Harry Potter
QED Publishing
Digital Leaf
O'Brien Press
Red Fox
Home Start
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